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Werewolf by Night #1 (1972) (F+)


VENDOR: Marvel Comics



"Eye of the Beholder" – Due to the actions of a mutant gorgon named Marlene Blackgar, the Werewolf has been turned into solid stone. However, as the sun rises, he transforms back into flesh and blood (as well as back into Jack Russell).

Buck Cowan finds Jack on the beach, and brings him back to his house. Jack tells Buck that he still possesses the Darkhold. As the two talk, Jack receives a frantic telephone call from Lissa. She arranges to meet up with him at Buck's place. Little does Jack realize that Marlene is forcing Lissa to set Jack up. She wants to regain the dark grimoire for herself.

Marlene, Strug and her invalid father, Miles, find Jack and manage to capture him. Jack succeeds in escaping just as the moon begins to rise. He races away from the Blackgar home, leaving Buck and Lissa still captive.

Turning into the werewolf, he circles back and enters the castle. He engages in a brutal struggle with Strug, and Marlene fires her gun at both of them. Stug takes the fatal hit and falls over dead.

Facing Jack, Marlene removes her sunglasses intent on turning him back into stone. The werewolf lunges out of the way, and Marlene accidentally catches her own reflection in a wall-mounted mirror. Both her father and she are instantly turned to stone.

Buck Cowan takes possession of the "statues" and donates them to the Santa Monica Art Museum. 

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Werewolf by Night #1 (1972) (F+)

Werewolf by Night #1 (1972) (F+)