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Incredible Hulk #250 (1980) (F+) 1st Sabra in Cameo


VENDOR: Marvel Comics


1st appearance of the Collective Man (Tao-Yu Quintuplets)

1st appearance of the Arabian Knight I (Abdul Qamar)

Cameo appearance of Sabra (Ruth Bat-Seraph)

Cameo of Soviet Super Soldiers

"The Monster!" – (34-page story) – Hulk shows up in a quiet farm and turns back into Banner. Suddenly, the scientist sees a bull running towards a little girl. Bruce saves the kid's life but receives the impact. The little girl's mother welcomes Bruce in her home. They become friends and start feeling something special about each other. It's when the Silver Surfer shows up looking for Bruce. Banner turns into the Hulk and tries to smash the Surfer. But the former Galactus herald absorbs the gamma energy from the Hulk's body, turning him back into Bruce Banner. Deprived of gamma energy, the grateful scientist hears the alien's wish: increase his power with gamma rays so he could break Galactus's barrier around the Earth. The experiment fails, Bruce receives gamma rays and becomes the Hulk once again. So the Surfer takes him to space, absorbs all of the giant's gamma energy again and breaks free from the barrier. But Bruce falls free to Earth. The cosmic traveler comes back to Earth, catches Banner, bathes him with gamma energy to save his life and goes away, once more trapped on this blue planet.

Chapter 1: "The Monster!"
Chapter 2: "The Exile"
Chapter 3: "The Quest!"
Chapter 4: "The Power"

NOTE: Although the Soviet Super-Soldiers (Earth-616) are pictured and named in this issue their first appearance is considered to be Incredible Hulk #258 (April 1981).

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Incredible Hulk #250 (1980) (F+) 1st Sabra in Cameo

Incredible Hulk #250 (1980) (F+) 1st Sabra in Cameo