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Uncanny X-Men #130 Newsstand (1980) (VF) 1st Appearance of Dazzler


VENDOR: Marvel Comics


1st Appearance of Dazzler

Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler were sent to a night club in New York City to investigated another mutant detected by Cerebro. In Chicago, Emma Frost had captured Xavier, Colossus, Wolverine and Storm and is talking to Sebastian Show, when Kitty Pryde sneaks in through a wall in the room and listens to the talk. When Emma leaves the room she talks to Storm, who gives her a phone number to call backup from the X-Men. Kitty is discovered by Hellfire Soldiers, but she escapes jumping through the ground.

Back in NY, Jean is having those dreams again about her ancestor, now she was getting married with Jason Wyngard and when she kissed him, in real life she is actually kissing a guy just like her dreams. Cyclops sees it and thinks Jean isn't acting like herself anymore. Suddenly the show starts and a beautiful girl starts to sing, dazzling with thousands of lights. At same time the Mini-Cerebro devide in Cyclops's watch starts to beep, showing that this girl is a mutant. Outside, inside the X-Men's Rolls Royce, the phone rings and Nightcrawler answers a frightened Kitty. At same time, a Hellfire Soldier attacks Nightcrawler knowing his mutant power very well and using a sonic blast just like Cyclops did in Danger Room the other day. Inside the club, two more Soldiers attack and defeat Cyclops and Jean, also knowing very well their powers. Then, the singer, Dazzler, uses her powers to make light and helps Jean and Cyclops, who with the help of Nightcrawler defeat the bad guys. The X-Men run away in their car and Cyclops sees the guy who had kissed Jean in the streets, and there is something wrong with his shadow at the wall.

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Uncanny X-Men #130 Newsstand (1980) (VF) 1st Appearance of Dazzler

Uncanny X-Men #130 Newsstand (1980) (VF) 1st Appearance of Dazzler